Bond Bull Refuses to Die – Gold Seek

Do not think that you will have the ability to be successful in the Foreign exchange market without any outside assistance. The world of currency is one that is rather complicated and has actually prompted large conversation and study for a long time. The chances that you will accidentally come across a formerly unknown, yet succeeding trading strategy are tiny. Do your homework to discover what in fact works, and stay with that.

Bond Bull Refuses to DieGold SeekSo let’s see what we have technically – buy signals on the MACD, the ADX/DMI ( and some other indicators not shown). Price having pushed through the median line of the Bollinger Bands last week and continuing on to hit the top band. Band width is now ……Bond Bull Refuses to Die – Gold Seek

Feeling is not part of a currency trading strategy, so do not let fear, greed, or hope determine your trades. Follow your strategy, not your feelings. Trading with your feelings constantly leads you astray and is not part of an effective foreign exchange trading strategy for making a great deal of money.

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