USD/JPY Bulls Lose Appetite As Doji Puts Range-Bottom In Focus

If possible open a free of cost demo account with your Foreign exchange broker. Using a demo account to trade can be a fantastic means to learn from the currency markets and practice technical analysis without running the risk of any real money. You can also utilize a demo account to check out brand-new trading techniques.

The USD/JPY bulls have seemingly lost steam in recent trading with the pair posting a Doji formation on the daily. While not a key reversal pattern, the sign of indecision may suggest a loss of confidence to push the pair higher. This puts the all-important 101.20 mark back in focus….USD/JPY Bulls Lose Appetite As Doji Puts Range-Bottom In Focus

A great rule of thumb for newbie Foreign exchange traders, is to discover a broker where your competence level and trading goals, match up well with what the broker can offer. Make sure the broker deals or has actually dealt with clients who have similar goals to yourself, so that you know your broker understands what you are attempting to achieve.

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