Charting a new course – Jerusalem Post

To be successful in Foreign exchange trading, keep your trade strategies and analysis easy and easy to comprehend. Well arranged, specified, and observed objectives along with practices will do you the most excellent. Withstand the desire to over-analyze and specifically rationalize your failures, as this will prevent you from profiting from them.

Charting a new courseJerusalem PostUnder any circumstances, the unity government must maintain its security cooperation with Israel, build on it, and maintain its credibility and commitment on matters of security. Palestinian President in Ramallah. Palestinian President Abbas meets with …and more »…Charting a new course – Jerusalem Post

Emotion is not part of a forex trading strategy, so do not let fear, greed, or hope determine your trades. Follow your strategy, not your feelings. Trading with your feelings always leads you astray and is not part of a successful currency trading strategy for making a lot of cash.

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