Retail Sector Finally Formed Harmonic Triangle

The day chart shows opposing emerging harmonic patterns with the nearby line in the sand at 88.95. A hold above 83.34 implies an attempt to retest 87.39 or 88.95.  Above 88.95 invalidates the cyan-colored pattern and has the ideal upside target at 96.46 and point of interest at 93.59. A hold below 83.34 has the initial ideal target at 76.80 but points of interest along the way at 80.85 and 79.07 ……Retail Sector Finally Formed Harmonic Triangle

Why doing this many people fall short at investing? They either get bad info or they think they understand something the rest of us do not. Regardless, failure is failure which is something you wish to prevent. Apply exactly what you’ve found out above if you wish to prevent failure and really win some trades with forex.

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