NUT: UK moving away from OECD recommendations

If you can not find an offer you feel comfy making on the foreign exchange market, unwind. Deciding not to trade is a trading choice in itself, and oftentimes a very sensible one. If the state of the marketplace does not suit your existing expectations, it is better to bide your time than to make dangerous trades you are not comfy with.

NUT general secretary Christine Blower says the OECD is concerned with “equity as well as quality” and that education in Britain is moving in a different direction to the direction that the OECD recommends        …NUT: UK moving away from OECD recommendations

Why doing this many individuals fail at investing? They either receive bad details or they think they understand something the rest of us don’t. Regardless, failure is failure which is something you wish to avoid. Apply what you’ve discovered above if you wish to avoid failure and in fact succeed some trades with currency.

Additional resource on moving averages


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