EUR/USD WEEKLY as of Monday, 02 September, 2013

If you enter the Forex Market scared to invest and trade your money, you are going to lose your money. A Commercial tycoon will tell you point blank that scared money never ever earns money, which’s the absolute fact. If you are frightened to take the threat when chance presents itself, you’re never ever going to make an incentive.

A black body has formed as prices closed lower than open. The previous 10 candlestick bars, there are 5 white candles versus 5 black candles. The previous 50 candlestick bars, there are 25 white candles versus 24 black candles with a net of 1 white candles….EUR/USD WEEKLY as of Monday, 02 September, 2013

Do not utilize your emotions when trading in Forex. Making trades based on emotion will increase the danger element and the chances that your decisions will lack quality and prompted by impulse. Despite the fact that your emotions constantly play a part in business, you need to make sure that you are making rational decisions.

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